Work at height are activities with a risk of falling from an height of over 2 meters which expose workers to very serious risks for their health and safety, with a very high percentage of accidents and dead on the workplace.

This risk, which is high in temporary and mobile sites, where the working at height are carried out every day, affects all work activities which expose workers to risks of falls from a height greater than 2 meters, especially maintainers and / or installations.

It is essential that workers, in relation to the PPE adopted by the employer, have to operate in accordance with the guidelines provided by the customer, and in compliance to operational procedures adopted for choice and use of personal protective equipment.

APT Services, thanks to the experience of its consultants, is able to assess better the risk of falls closely related to work at height, in order to develop together with the employer the most appropriate procedures to perform specific safe tasks and possibly provide expert advices on the choice of the most suitable protective devices, by developing:

  • DVR specific for working at heights
  • Drafting procedures for working at heights
  • Audit on the procedures for working at heights

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