In synergy with the technical consultancy service (and completion), Apt Services is able to offer a service of legal assistance through the preparation of legal opinions relating to industry regulations applicable to the specific situations of each company.
The customer to for full compliance with the legal requirements for the adjustment of structures, environments and working practices with the safety standards imposed minimum, you will have the opportunity to receive detailed studies of industry regulations and their applicability to situations concrete.

In this way, client companies are guaranteed full protection (theoretical and practical) in all areas related to safety at work.
This service has proved of particular interest especially in the matter of working in confined spaces, which revealed the need for greater regulatory insights, which identify solutions for the adaptation of the complex legal requirements (and very critical submitted by the same legal system) to individual workmanship.

Team work:

  • Apt technicians perform one or more inspections designed to frame the context (internal and external space confined,) in the processing environment
  • Apt technicians make a report which identifies the many problems and possible solutions;
  • The legal expert on the subject shall, in a joint table with the technicians, the findings made by them;
  • The legal consequently elaborates one theoretical and practical study in which, it framed the special legislation and identified the individual requirements of the law applicable to the situation, the valid working hypothesis identified by the technicians.

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