The fire engineering developed by our engineering department goes from the identification of system requirements in accordance with current laws and regulations to the complete design of fire detection systems and/or extinguishing systems, through the following stages

  • Preliminary and Basic engineering (feasibility studies of the systems)
  • Final engineering as well as technical specifications for tenders, Bill of Materials, budgets estimation, etc.
  • Executive engineering and As-Built

The national and international reference as UNI and NFPA are continuously monitored in order to keep up with changes in the applications of the most commonly used systems.

The feasibility study of the systems starts from interpretation of the customer needs to the identification of the most suitable solution which is finalized through the issuing of technical reports, hydraulic calculations, (performed with the most current software available today on the market), Bill of Materials, budgets estimation etc. that allow the customer to know and better manage their resources.

During executive stage, our customers will always can have a support to identify the following positions:

CSP and/or CSE – Security Coordinator for design and execution (Title IV D.Lgs.81/08)

DL – Director of Works

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