D.lgs. June 8, 2001, n. 231 introduced into Italian law the criminal liability of entities, in addition to that of the individual who has made “materially” the offense.

The extension of responsibility aims to involve in the penalty applicable to the person who commits an offense (which even involves an advantage to the company for which he works), the assets of the same company and the economic interests of the members who, until the entry into force of the law in question, did not suffer consequences.

Following the enactment of Legislative Decree n. 231, therefore, neither the body (any company and / or association with legal personality) or companies members or associations can be considered extraneous to the prosecution for offenses committed for the benefit or on behalf of the legal person.

The adoption and effective implementation of models (231) organization, management and control to prevent the commission of criminal offenses identified by the Decree, is an indispensable condition to see exonerated from responsibility the same company.

Apt Services offers a global screening service of risks associated with specific activities carried out by each company profiles and underlying it, on the basis of specific processes 231 models, which periodically provide updates for their effective application.

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