Ponte Coperto

ponte coperto pavia

Viale Giuseppe Maria Giulietti, Pavia

The historic center of Pavia, and the beautiful Borgo Ticino, sites on opposite sides of the river Ticino, are linked by Covered Bridge, also known as the Old Bridge. Built in the fourteenth century and damaged during the Second World War, the bridge was demolished after the war. The reconstruction that they have been only partially true to the original. Under the modern bridge you can see traces of the fourteenth-century structure.

Castello Visconteo

Castello Visconteo pavia

Piazza Castello, Pavia

Built in 1360 by the will of Galeazzo II Visconti and finished in just five years, the Visconti Castle is a royal residence that a veritable fortress.
After having long been used as a military barracks, the early twentieth century it was bought by the city, which currently houses the Civic Museums and of some temporary art exhibitions.
The prospectus of the courtyard is home to the elegant mullioned windows with terracotta, with fine decorative style, while the frescoes decorating the halls, arcades and loggias today there are a few fragments.

Universita’ degli studi

Universita’ degli studi pavia

Strada Nuova, Pavia

The University of Pavia is one of the oldest universities di’Europa.Creata in 1361 at the behest of Galeazzo II Visconti, initially included only the courses of law and philosophy, and then under Austrian rule assuming his current architectural and cultural distinctiveness.
In the twentieth century the University expanded the Renaissance structures of the San Matteo.
L-shaped, the University building includes buildings from different eras and is introduced by an elegant neoclassical facade, with five entrances, while classrooms are historical frescoed ceilings and marble busts of important personalities linked to the history of the university .


Duomo pavia

Piazza del Duomo, Pavia

The Cathedral of Pavia, dedicated to St. Stephen the Martyr and Santa Maria Assunta is the most impressive church of Pavia and an important Renaissance building, synthesis of central plan and longitudinal anticipates typological research around the basilica of St. Peter in Rome. It has a magnificent dome octagonal masonry, among the largest in Italy for height and width; considering the lantern, it is the fifth highest after the Mole Antonelliana diTorino, San Gaudenzio in Novara, Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence and Milan Cathedral, the sixth considering St. Peter.

Chiesa San Michele Maggiore

Chiesa San Michele Maggiore pavia

Piazza San Michele, Pavia

The basilica of San Michele Maggiore, is a masterpiece of Lombard Romanesque style, is a church dating back to the XI and Pavia XII.La actual construction began at the end of the eleventh century (which date back to the crypt, the choir and transepts)and it was completed in 1155 (with an interruption due to the great earthquake of January 3, 1117). The vaults of the nave, originally equipped with two cross-spans roughly square (or, according to some historians, with time on the model of the domed basilicas Romanesque-bizantinecome San Marco in Venice), they were rebuilt in 1489 by Marzia, with a pattern of four rectangular bays, such as to ensure a better efficiency of the static architectural complex.

Chiesa San Pietro in Ciel d’Oro

Chiesa San Pietro in Ciel d’Oro pavia

Piazza san Pietro in cuel d’oro 2, Pavia

The basilica of San Pietro in Ciel d’Oro (in coelo aureus) is a basilica located in Pavia, built in the Lombard period (VIII century) and later rebuilt in the Romanesque style (XII century). Consecrated by Pope Innocent II in 1132, the church enjoys great prestige and fame in the Catholic world as it hosts, over a thousand years, the remains disant’Agostino Hippo.

Certosa di Pavia

Certosa di Pavia pavia

Strada Statale 35, Pavia

Certosa di Pavia Gra-Car (Gratiarum Carthusia – Monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie [1]) is a historic monument which includes a monastery and a shrine. It is located in the same name of Certosa di Pavia, a town located about eight kilometers north of the provincial capital.

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