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APT Services was formed in 1983 as a service company specialized in consultancy for fire-prevention and safety in the workplace. Its staff includes every kind of fire-specialists certificated in accordance with D.P.R August 01st 2011, n. 151 (EX L. 818/1984) as well as A.S.P.P. and R.S.P.P. for all ATECO trade sections.

The company is also licensed to install, adapt, expand and maintain (routine and supplementary maintenance) all types of fire-fighting systems and equipment in compliance to Art. 1 Point a) & b) D.M. March 27th 2008 n. 37, including those containing fluorinated gas HFC & HCFC.

In addition to having a highly specialized maintenance department for every kind of fire-fighting systems/equipment and 3rd category PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), APT Services, along the last ten years, has included in its staff all professionals experts for planning and installation of fire detection and extinguishing systems, both for On-Shore and Off-Shore environments, being also Certified by RINA, ABS and F-GAS as maintenance provider.

Apt Services carries out market research and testing of fire-fighting equipment, apparatus and PPE at the APT Antincendio testing field, taking into consideration every single possible customer requirements. Included amongst its various consultancy activities is the technical advice and support that enables clients to choose the most suitable apparatus for their specific needs.

Due to this activity over the years APT Services established excellent collaborations and partnerships with the main operators and manufacturers in the sector and has subsequently become their main distributor and/or authorized workshop.

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