Apt Event designs and organises training sessions for addressing key issues related to health surveillance and to home security, in a fun and constructive way.
This kind of activity, carried out in sharing with colleagues, family and friends are also lived as moments of achievement in terms of belonging and appreciation of a group.

Adding value: our facilities.

N.1 Conferences room 99 seating
N.8 Classroom
N.1 Meeting room
N.1 Break room – bar with TV and free Wi-Fi
Indoor swimming pool 25×12 meters (82×39 ft)
Pool of water (pond) mq 5.500 (59201,51 sq ft)
Green areas mq 10.000 (107639,1 sq ft)
Large private parking lot
Center fire simulators, training activities at height and in confined spaces.
Sports Centre with 7 soccer fields (agreement-bordering)
Walk of life Parco Olona (bordering)

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