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APT Antincendio S.r.l. was founded in Pavia in 1979 thanks to the foresight and intuition of its founder Dr. Achille Torti. Due to many years of experience, the company has condensed it’s know-how into professional development and training activities able to simulate innumerable accident scenarios and to produce the kind of courses which are in conformity with many different National and International protocols and which confer internationally recognised attestations.

The multiple training courses are aimed at the following sectors: onshore, offshore, maritime, military, aeronautic and safety at work, in addition to health, and they have brought us worldwide recognition as well as collaborations with important companies both at home and abroad.

The private entities that work with APT Antincendio operate in the oil & gas, chemical-pharmaceutical, engineering, electronics, iron and steel, energy and food industries.

More specifically, APT Antincendio leads the field in the training sector, having the most important training centre in Italy, and boasting: simulators and avant-garde resources including a multi-storey edifice to practise evacuation drills; a covered swimming pool with a wave and rain generator to recreate the most adverse meteoric conditions; a didactic complex built in 2013 covering more than 10,000 m2 that houses laboratories, conference rooms, offices, classrooms and special training rooms furnished with Medical Emergency equipment.

The Training Centre hosts over 8,000 students annually who take part in drills to practise evacuation, fire-fighting, abandoning ship, working at height, working in confined spaces and medical emergencies.
Apt Antincendio also offers its clients the opportunity to take advantage of distance learning and to receive funding.

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